This is the life of an author. We drink coffee (or tea if you’re into that kind of stuff), we sit down, and we put words to paper. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s so many things that contribute to being a writer though I’ll admit, it’s like we are playing with only half of the rulebook here. We don’t know all the rules and sometimes it feels as though someone is making them up as we go.

It starts with an idea and from there, a plot. Maybe you thought of a world first or maybe the main character (MC) just popped into your head like a photograph that you couldn’t erase from your mind. But that’s when it all started.

That’s when it started for me too. I had a sci-fi idea in my head about a reincarnated alien queen who needed to save her world. Thinking about it now, ten years after I first wrote it, it was a little cheesy and from there I moved on. BUT I WROTE!

Writing is what makes you an author. Never forget that.

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