As you may have noticed, I haven’t published anything in awhile. Life has taken it’s toll on me and between getting married and needing surgery last year, I haven’t written all that much. So I wanted to update everyone on what was happening.

So far, I have three books in the making right now, one of then is co-authored and will be a series that I’m already very proud about. The covers are gorgeous and I think my co-author and I are doing them justice. But more to come on that later. I’m hoping in the year 2021 to have all three of them ready to publish but my main goal is to have at least two of them ready. One still needs a lot of work and a lot of editing since I decided to change a big section of it that affects the other 56K words and then it’s not even finished yet. Ugh.

Shadow Queen is the one that needs quite a bit more work. I think it’s only 2/3 of the way finished being written (of course this depends on the characters and whether they decide to deviate from my plan) and needs a major edit to accommodate the big change I made. To do this, it will take time but I think the story will be well worth it!

Insanity just needs the last few chapters written and the book needs editing but after that, it should be ready to go. At least these characters didn’t deviate! Alice was right on point there, just the way I like it!

Blood Trials is the series I was talking about. All together, there will be four books, co-authored with Kerry Lee Holder and I think she’s really excited as she’s never published a novel before – only short stories in anthologies. This could be a really big change for her and I’m really proud of her taking this step. But back to the books. This particular series doesn’t really have a name other than Blood Trials and they will be able to be read in any order. All about the different creatures we put in our world at different points in history but Blood Trials is definitely the first one and has come such a long way.

I hope that you guys enjoy these books as much as we do and please enjoy the new website! There will be a section about these books and my others once I have a moment to design the pages.

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Thanks so much!

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