Catching Up, Yet Again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s been awhile and I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again, but life gets in the way. We authors get so caught up with things like work, relationships, WRITING. Yes, even that has kept me from updating this site.

To catch up on a few things:

– Hearts on Fire Editing is temporarily closed. I won’t be doing until I feel like I can fit it into my schedule and be able to get it back to the author in a timely manner. I’ve already had a few people ask me to continue going, but I can’t at the risk of it not being done soon enough.

– The Dead Speak is FINALLY finished and is available for preorder! Are you excited for this book? I know I am excited to see Ophelia take her first steps in the real world and see how far she goes.

– The Sinned Drown is under way already! Kind of, I mean, I’m only on chapter one, but the prologue is done too, so that’s a start, right?

– Authors Against Bullying is coming along, slowly, but still coming along. It does take time to put these things together and we’ve had to move the release date a few times, but it’s set for the 6th! I’ll have a collection of short stories coming out with Rock & Roll Saved My Soul shortly after AAB V2 and I have yet to choose a charity for them as it’s a difficult decision for me. I will announce it as soon as I know more about it though!

– I feel like there was something else that I was going to put here, but now I can’t remember. Hmm… Okay then.


Look what is already up for preorder? Get your ecopy now and have it delivered on release day!


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And in case you missed it, here’s the cover for The Dead Speak!


T D Speak copy


Lost Time

So, again, in the past few days, I’ve been not publishing on this blog here, but I AM TONIGHT!

In this lost time, I’ve added a symbol to Ophelia, but I’m not releasing information about it yet :3 I guess you’ll have to wait a little while, but here’s that symbol!


It’s ore than that though: I will be adding a new character to Ophelia soon! I will be publishing a character list that will also be in the back of the book! I will post some things about the characters as things progress!

For more information on Ophelia and myself, follow my author page: Author Bree Vanderland!

Saving Rosalind – Kate Marie Robbins



Author: Kate Marie Robbins
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Release Date: March 2015


Rosalind Peterson just wanted her high school experience to be normal. She had dreams of being popular, being captain of the cheer leading squad, and just maybe, landing herself a boyfriend on the football team.

But high school was nothing like she imagined it would be. She caught the popular girls’ attention, but not in the way she wanted. Rose finds herself at the mercy of three ruthless bullies.

The torture and taunts become unbearable, driving her to do something so desperate, that almost no one can save her.


front cover



Quick Write

Sometimes taking a break from what you’re working on to do a quick writing sprint to work on something else gives your mind a break. I did that today and I loved it. Here’s what I wrote in about 20 minutes. I’m thinking the start of a new story! Tell me what you think then take a break and write for yourself – write anything – for 20 minutes straight!




She could hear him call out her name, but still she didn’t turn around. She continued running through the field that was located on the outskirts of her hometown. The long stalks of wheat brushed against her legs as her dress flowed behind her. While she was running, she was laughing, the sweet sound rising through the night and over the empty air, filling it with something melodic.

“Catch me if you can!” nineteen year old Emily Steele shouted back toward the young man behind her. For years, Emily had been chasing Chase Jones, trying to get him to go out with her and here he was, chasing her through a field on their first date, trying to catch up with her. “Come on!”

A quietness fell over the pair except for the heavy breathing that they were both giving out. The closer she got to the creek, the louder the rushing water became and soon, she couldn’t hear Chase behind her. She didn’t stop to think, thinking that it was all a part of the game that they were playing. Continuing down, she weaved around the trees that were starting to appear, heading to the creek.

After a moment, she had reached the edge of the creek, the terrain changing to small pebbles and mud that was a result of the water nearby. Taking a few more steps, she placed her feet in the water, not bothering to take off her shoes since she was barefoot. Closing her eyes, she savored the moment, loving the feeling of the cool water against her skin. Emily turned around, waiting for Chase to come through the trees.

“Chase?” she called out, but there was no reply. There was only silence and the hoot of an owl, perched overhead. “Chase? Where are you? This isn’t funny anymore.”

She waited another few minutes, allowing the water to wash away her anxiousness, but still, she was curious about what was taking him so long. Emily stepped out of the water and headed back the way she came, not really wanting to look or her date as she was now in a bad mood and the bright moon was now hidden behind clouds, making the world around her darker and harder to see.

“Chase, please,” she all but begged. “Where are you?”

Emily started back to the field, the stalks billowing lightly in the breeze. There was no sign of Chase and she honestly thought that he had just left her here, all alone, at two in the morning.

“Great,” she muttered as she leaned against one of the trees that were at the edge of the field, glancing over the field at the lights from the town. There weren’t many on and the few that were on she knew were only street lamps, ones that stayed on from six at night until about eight the next morning. There was one flickering in the distance that was giving her a headache.

Turning away, she stood straight and let out a deep breath, deciding to head back in town. She considered looking for Chase, but then thought that it wouldn’t have been worth it. She thought that if he left her out here alone that he wasn’t worth it and there went years of chasing after him.

Heading back to the town, she knew that the quickest way was through the field and over the interstate roads that hardly anyone travelled over. Still, there was something about walking there alone that scared her, even at nineteen years old. Every day on the news, she heard about bad things that happened to people, but never here. Never in the small town of Royal Lakes.

Heading back, she thought about her life and where she wanted it to go, but she knew that even though she was nineteen, she had her entire life to figure out what she wanted to be. Fresh out of high school last year, she had so many plans that she wanted to pursue, but all of that changed just by tripping and falling over one thing.

Once she hit the ground, she winced, trying to get a tiny stone that had managed to find its way far from the creek to the middle of the field out of the palm of her hand. After that was done, she turned her head to look at the large object that she had tripped over and when it finally clicked, she screamed.

Chase Jones was lying on the ground of the field, with blood trickling from a wound on his head. His brown eyes were open and looking straight at her as his left cheek was pressed against the dirt of the ground. There he was, lying dead in the middle of the pathway that ran through the field leading from the town to the creek.

That was when Emily Steele’s entire life changed.


(C) Brianna Vanderland 2015

Opinions Needed

So, I kind of write while I’m at work, keeping the gears in my head turning and I came up with close to 700 words of a new idea. The only thing is that it’s completely out of the box to what I’m use to – that being Fantasy and Romance – and this one seems to be heading down the more Paranormal route.

I need opinions on what I wrote. Think you could help? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

I take a deep breath and look at everything around me. Softly, the snow falls, placing a gentle, soft, glittery blanket over everything. I hate the snow, but here… it always snows. Everything else is black except for the stars that shine above me, lighting my way.

I pull my coat tighter around me, thankful for the warmth as I place one foot in front of the other. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going.

The world around me spins in chaos as everywhere I look, they lurk. The shadows are following me and I swear I’m not crazy like people think I am. They voices in my head start up again, but I try to suppress them to no avail.

/Follow me,/ they whisper but I head in the opposite direction. They call me names, but I give them no attention. I can’t do it. I tell them I won’t.

/But you must!/ They try and try again, trying to bribe me with wealth, love, and power. Little do they know I’m not interested in any of it.

When silence settles again, I’m thankful. I hear the crunching of the snow beneath my shoes and, for once, I’m thankgul for the noise. I focus on that beyond anything else, hoping it’s enough to block out their rasps.

“Stop,” I whisper to myself as I stop dead in my tracks. I look back behind me and all I see are my footprints, glowing a bright blue. There are no lights around, which is scaring me. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either.

“Stop glowing,” I whisper again, this time taking my hands out of my coat pockets, I have gloves on, but I know what is coming next as I carefully reach up and pull the left one off. My hand has a bright blue glow to it, much like that of my footprints and in the center, I see the symbol – the one I have come to fear. It only shows up when He is nearby and he causes all the problems that everything blames me for – they aren’t my fault, but no one ever believes me.

“There you are,” His voice sends shivers down my spine as I spin around.

“You’re a hard girl to track down.”

“I’m not a girl!” I shout as I take a step back, but He takes one towards me.

“My apologies,” he holds up his hands in defense. “You’re definitely a young woman.”

I know he’s toying with me as he rubs his hands together in front of him.

“You see, I have a problem,” He tries to tell me, but I have already turned around and and am now walking in the direction away from him. When I hear nothing, I turn around to confront him, but he’s gone – vanished. With a sigh of relief, I spin again to continue out of my way, but I stop and scream, jumping back, startled. He is standing in front of me, his deep blue eyes sinking into my bones.

“You scared the hell out of me!” I exclaim as I push past him – not touching – never touching.

“And you’re not doing what I asked you to!” he counters as he appears at my side again, but I scoff.

“I told you I’m done. I’m not playing any more of your little games. I’m not going anywhere you want me to. I’m not talking to any one you want me to. Leave me out of whatever you have planned.”

He shakes his head tsking at me. “I was really counting on you, Samantha. You had such potential. It’s a shame to see it all wasted.”

“What do you mean?” I start, but I don’t get the chance to finish as he pulls out a knife and immediately plunges it into my chest.

That’s when I wake up.

(C) Brianna S. Vanderland 2015

Goddess Becoming Excerpt

To celebrate the release of my new website, I’m here to celebrate by releasing a small excerpt of Goddess Becoming 😉 Hope you like it!

To back track through those years, Adelaide was locked in a tower in Kiro’s castle, punishment for stealing bread from a marketplace to feed her hungry children, but Kiro saw something different in her. He saw beauty as in physical desire rise in him whenever he gazed upon her, which he did so frequently by magic without her knowing. He put an ultimatum before her – marry him or die. She chose marriage in order to keep her children safe, but after the wedding, she had discovered that Kiro had her two beautiful children murdered. Adeline didn’t remember any of it anymore.

The Black Order was a group of people who wanted to protect their Queen from harm, especially harm by their Deity, Kiro, who was rather rough with things, including people. When the Queen came back to her chambers and her personal guard saw how she was injured, he formed The Black Order, with the goal to get her far away. Kiro had searched high and low for her, exhausting all his resources at his disposal, but with no luck. She had been moved to Earth and now imagine Kiro’s anger when he found out that another Deity had married her and had given up his immortality for her.

Kiro was furious. He stood and shoved is chair back, it hitting a tree somewhere in the distance as it flew, shattering.

“You didn’t marry her. You couldn’t have!” Kiro shouted as he shook his head, slamming his hand on the table, making it shiver beneath his force. “She’s mine. My property and I would like her returned to me immediately.”

Taien was taken aback as Kiro told him a lie, a story about how he and Adeline were lovers once upon a time, but Taien didn’t want to believe it. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the feud between Kiro and his so called Adelaide. Adeline was his and that was all there was to it.

“You have no right to her,” Taien spoke quietly, the other deities glanced around, trying to stay out of it all, but Taien knew that they were all thinking the same thing – something to do with shame that one of them was giving up an eternity for a woman, someone who would eventually die before the Deity there.

“You’re a fool,” Kiro spoke again before spitting in Taien’s direction. “You have no right to her.”

“I have no right to her? What about you? How do you have a right to her? She left you, is that not obvious?”

“How dare you,” Kiro lifted his hand and with a beam of light that protruded from his hand, he sent Taien flying back, his back hitting against a thick tree trunk. Taien cried out in a slight pain, but no one except Osoreme came to his defense, helping him up and back to his seat.

“Stop it,” she demanded. “Just stop, please. It was his choice to fall in love with her. And it was her choice to run away too, not that she would remember it here. There’s no need for this violence.”

“Violence? This is more than just violence, this is vengeance. She is mine and you, and everyone, knows that.”

“Kiro, no. Give up this battle, please. For the sake of all of us.”

“Step aside,” Kiro stepped up to Osoreme with orders, but she wasn’t backing down. Instead, he lifted his hand and hit her face, sending Osoreme to fall to the ground, clutching her face. While normal wounds wouldn’t hurt, hits from gods would do damage and did hurt. He then stepped up to Taien and grabbed him by the neck. While Taien was strong, he wasn’t quite strong enough to ward off Kiro. Kiro had a wicked plan in mind. “Give her to me. Tell me her location,” he ordered, but Taien wouldn’t give in. Taien loved Adeline and while Kiro’s knife was slowly sliding across Taien’s neck, Adeline’s face flashed into view. Her hair was perfect and he saw her the way she was on the mountain, her hair blowing in the breeze. He was happy to see her one more time as she stood right outside the door, looking to the sky for him to return. He whispered a goodbye through the air, hoping that it would make it to her.

He watched the woman he had given everything for as a silent tear fell down his cheeks and his breathing slowly came to a halt.