Strong Female Lead

I have been asked a few times about a strong female lead and what I thought about what it meant to be a strong female lead and I honestly had to think about this one for awhile. There’s so much that could classify someone as a strong female lead and I’ll be quite honest when I say that I think my character Kressara, in The Making of a Queen, will honestly be my first strong female lead in any of my books.

Thinking about this more, I’ve come up with a few things that I had to be sure that I made Kressara fit a mold. I wanted her to be more than just a character who was pushed around and shoved every which direction by everyone else. Anyway, I guess here’s my checklist for a strong female character.

  1. The character HAS to make things happen. I think this has been a big problem in a few of my books where my female lead was dictated by everyone else and what they wanted to happen. She didn’t make a lot of choices on her own and because of that, she may have came across as a Mary Sue character, one who was plain and who didn’t take initiative to create her own path. With Kressara, I was (and still am) determined to make her a character who chooses her own destiny – just like all of us should.
  2. A character doesn’t have to be likeable, but to me, they do have to have desires and wants. She needs to have something that she will push towards despite the consequences (though that should be taken into consideration and thought about beforehand). She needs to have a purpose. These things make us human and make characters stronger. Women are more than objects. They have more than their sexuality, the cut of their clothes, or how many people she can take down in a minute to prove that she doesn’t need a man. She needs wants, fears, motivation. That makes her relatable.
  3. Is there a love interest in the first few chapters? If so, try again. What is the purpose of your character other than to be there as a love interest (unless you’re writing a romance, because there are very many good books out there that have a love interest in the first few chapters – hell, even the first few pages – that are really good). But there should be more to a character than just being there to be dated or desired by another. Don’t get me wrong though, I have been there myself and looking back on a lot of my other books, there are some that I now wish that I had done better by. There are some that I wish I had waited to write until I had grown as an author.


Now, those aren’t all of the things that I think make a good and strong female lead, but they are some. I’m in no way telling you this is HOW you HAVE to write your character, but I’m hoping that it gives a little insight. People are shaped in many ways, whether it be something that happened to them or something that affected them without them even realizing it. Could be like the Butterfly Effect, right? Every small action affects the future and while you’re writing your character, really think about all of these 🙂

Author Brianna Vanderland ❤



Difficult Character

Okay, so we’re all writers here, right? Or we’re here trying to get some advice. Well, one question I’ve been faced with is what to do when you have a difficult character, or a character who defies what you want them to do.

The answer, to me, is a simple one.

Do nothing.

The thing about our characters that we write and create is that they’re their own people. They have thoughts and feelings and even though we create them, there’s no way that we are in control of them.

We start out with one idea, one thought, maybe even ne trait of a character and we help them grow. We help them learn life lessons and not always the easy way, but beyond that, they’re just like children. They grow up and start to think for themselves, winding and driving on the plot. The thing about characters that don’t listen is that it’s normal.

I’ve come to find that the more you try to push these characters, the more staggered and the more broken the story seems to get. I’ve personally had to rewrite multiple scenes because I fought characters and it’s just not worth it in my opinion.

If you have another way of dealing with difficult characters, leave a comment! I would love to know how other people handle things!


Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

To be quite honest, I don’t even know where to start with RRSMS other than to say it’s an amazing family.

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is a non-profit publishing company. They are known for putting together anthologies for new and experienced writers alike whose profits go towards charity. They work with people and hope to inspire, but more than that, the entire team is family.

When Kate Marie Robbins started RRSMS, I was always interested in helping. I helped with promotions and contributed pieces to multiple anthologies, but when Kate mentioned that she wanted to expand RRSMS, I was ecstatic. That’s when Authors Against Bullying was started, but we will get to that later.

RRSMS has a group of people that work behind the scenes to make sure that everything is running smoothly for you guys. They have so much going on between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and so much more. With so many anthologies out so far, they still hope to do so much more.

This is definitely a page and business to watch out for with growing participants and a caring nature, and determination to succeed.

Street Team
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Don’t forget to check out all the books they have available here! All profits for everything goes to different charities that mean so much to its members ❤





Violette Marie

So, I’ve came in contact with a new poet and I’m trying to help her get the word out about her poems. They’re beautiful. Anyway, she’s allowing me to share one with you, so here one is :3

The Lonely

High in the tower She waits for him
To climb over the horizon
And claim her hand.
She’s lost and lonely,
Depressed and scared,
Wondering if
He’ll ever get there.
Spreading her wings,
She wants to take flight,
Wanting nothing more
Than to help with the fight.
But earthbound she was
To her despair
As a curse was placed on her
And her one true heir.
Her one true love
Was all she wanted
But she knew
She was nothing but haunted.
No happy endings
Were within sight
Because he wouldn’t be coming home
Not from this fight.

For more information on Violette Marie, follow her new page:

Violette Marie ❤

Creative Day

Today will be consisting of editing, making some promotional posters for an anthology and then writing! Some times it’s hard to stay on top of it all, but we need to learn to take things one day at a time 🙂

Deep breath.

Let’s go ❤


New News


Okay, I’m bad with this website thing, but I will make notice to keep going and continue with it. There’s a lot of news though!

The Making of a Queen is still a go. I have about 26,000 words for it and I’m still nowhere near being finished, not even half way. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m more than excited for this book. It already has a beautiful cover.

I’m working on two new books that will be for charity! One will be titled “The Diary of a Novelist” and it will be in the point of view of Allison who is trying to write her first novel with big dreams ahead of her. She will be writing about her life, her struggles, dreams, accomplishments, and so much more! In this book, multiple authors are coming together for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul to publish.

On top of everything above, there’s some more news!

Yeah, I know. More news.

Authors Against Bullying is accepting submissions for their FIFTH anthology! The series so far has been a success and we have spread the word about the novels and pushing them out. We just want to keep that going! To submit, see the attached photo!

I cannot wait for what 2016 will bring me or the charity anthologies. There is so much to do and so little time! I believe on top of everything, I will be gathering topics to write advice on and go from there and make a post at least once a week! Now to just gather topics :3

Attached are also other Rock & Roll Saved My Soul anthologies that are accepting submissions!




The Making of a Queen

So, it has been awhile since I’ve updated anything here and that’s a shame on me moment, but I want to take a moment and share with you the book that I’m working on.

The title of new book is The Making of a Queen, and the main character, Kressara, is a force to be reckoned with – in my opinion at least 🙂

Kressara was supposed to be the next Queen and everything was planned out perfectly, but plans hardly ever go right. When everything is thrown off course, Kressara decides her own future and leads an army to battle, to live or die amongst the men determined to protect her and her country.

This is her story.



Interested in a few teasers for this novel? Here are three :3




No matter what you write, no matter how many things you publish, who you speak to or what you say, I can promise that there will be haters, people who cannot stand one thing about you, but that’s not important.

What is important is that you keep reaching for your dreams despite them.

There are so many people in the world that would rather you fail – turn away – give up your dreams, but it’s not something that you should do. Don’t let them win. Push past it, ignore them, and continue on your way. You’re worth it.


Many authors listen to music while they write. I do that myself. Something about having background noise while writing calms me, allows me to focus on my writing, but it has to be the right kind of background noise.

When I write, when I’m not listening to the background noise of NCIS, Dexter, or the various other tv shows I like to spam watch on Netflix, I’m listening to music. Now, this is easy. Most of the time you can go to Youtube and search for what kind of music you like, but for me, it’s usually the ones without words. The words get me all mixed up and I might just start typing the lyrics to whatever song I’m listening to at the time. Instead, I try to listen to the beautiful, instrumental music that makes me feel something – makes me feel anything that I can put into my writing. I used the ups and downs of the music to inspire me to write things that will turn people’s heads.

Try to find something that is right for you – because what works for me might not be right for you! Think on this!

The Dead Speak

The Dead Speak will be available on Monday. It’s the newest novel by Author Brianna Vanderland that twists a lot of your fantasy creatures into one book.

Ophelia Moriarty is a servant of the Council, waiting for her turn to serve on the board that makes all the decisions for the different races. As a vampire, she mainly remains to herself, but when the Council calls on her for a mission, she has no choice but to go.

Following the Elder of the werewolves, she’s led into what use to be Russia, home of the werewolves where they’re being killed, torn apart by someone that needs to be stopped.

Check out the book now available for preorder on Amazon!


Authors Against Bullying

Authors Against Bullying is a non-profit organization that puts out Anthologies in order to raise money for charities. The chosen charities of both volumes at the moment is STOMP Out Bullying, a charity that spends time talking to people about the hazardous effects of bullying among other tactics. Their goal, and AAB’s goal, are the same – put bullying on the extinction list.

Our second volume has to do with standing up to someone who is bullying, whether it be just words or whether it be physical. Be sure to check out this new book and add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!



More Advice from Bree

Writing is hard. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of concentration. You’re often lost, listening to too many characters at one time or you may not have any of your characters speaking to you. At times, you will want to give up – I know there are times when I want to – but when those times come, just stop, take a step back, and breathe. Think about those who are actually hoping for you to succeed. Think about the one person that you want to show that dreams really do come true. Think about all of that and spend a day away from the writing.

That’s what usually works for me.

Catching Up, Yet Again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s been awhile and I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again, but life gets in the way. We authors get so caught up with things like work, relationships, WRITING. Yes, even that has kept me from updating this site.

To catch up on a few things:

– Hearts on Fire Editing is temporarily closed. I won’t be doing until I feel like I can fit it into my schedule and be able to get it back to the author in a timely manner. I’ve already had a few people ask me to continue going, but I can’t at the risk of it not being done soon enough.

– The Dead Speak is FINALLY finished and is available for preorder! Are you excited for this book? I know I am excited to see Ophelia take her first steps in the real world and see how far she goes.

– The Sinned Drown is under way already! Kind of, I mean, I’m only on chapter one, but the prologue is done too, so that’s a start, right?

– Authors Against Bullying is coming along, slowly, but still coming along. It does take time to put these things together and we’ve had to move the release date a few times, but it’s set for the 6th! I’ll have a collection of short stories coming out with Rock & Roll Saved My Soul shortly after AAB V2 and I have yet to choose a charity for them as it’s a difficult decision for me. I will announce it as soon as I know more about it though!

– I feel like there was something else that I was going to put here, but now I can’t remember. Hmm… Okay then.


Look what is already up for preorder? Get your ecopy now and have it delivered on release day!


Add it to your Goodreads account NOW! –

And in case you missed it, here’s the cover for The Dead Speak!


T D Speak copy

Catching Up

So, there’s GREAT NEWS! I finished writing Ophelia and I am in the process of editing it. There is a cover reveal on June 14th and the release will be on July 13th! I’m really excited about this and I cannot wait until you read it! It’s like nothing out there! On the other hand, there will be FIVE books in this series, something I cannot wait until you read it as well!

If you would like to join in the parties for this book, just click the link to the Facebook group that is set up and then click “interested” and BAM! You will get the notifications of any updates that I post in that event!

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The first two chapters of The Dead Speak can be found on Wattpad. Are you interested in reading them? GREAT! Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the beginning of the story!

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One more thing I would like to say on this post is THANK YOU to all my readers, fans, and followers. You’re definitely a reason that I do what I do. You give me the strength to keep doing what I do and the creativity to write more books for you guys!