Burn – L.L. Hunter

I had the pleasure of reading BURN by L.L. Hunter, Prequel to the Dragon Heart Series and overall, I’d give it TEN STARS (if our scale went that high!) We meet Emmaline, who is born to a powerful magic, a magic that she doesn’t want to be a part of. She wants to be a […]

SoulSpark – Eliza Tilton

Going into this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most of what I read is fantasy, so being thrown in a world that’s truly inspirational was new. Overall rating – 5 stars. I loved this book. I loved the reality of this book and how I could relate to the characters and all the […]


So, after a bit of thinking about it, I’ve made some decisions that I’m super excited for! First, I decided on an author logo and it’s in the makings RIGHT NOW! I’m waiting on final edits and I cannot wait to release it to you guys! It’s amazing and fits both genres that I write! […]

Mark My Words… Amber Garza

When I first was asked to read this book, I wanted nothing more than a break from the dystopian, apocalypse, horror things that I had currently been reading other than my own historical fiction book that I was writing myself, but what I got was so much more than just a break. In Mark My […]

Strong Female Lead

I have been asked a few times about a strong female lead and what I thought about what it meant to be a strong female lead and I honestly had to think about this one for awhile. There’s so much that could classify someone as a strong female lead and I’ll be quite honest when […]

Difficult Character

Okay, so we’re all writers here, right? Or we’re here trying to get some advice. Well, one question I’ve been faced with is what to do when you have a difficult character, or a character who defies what you want them to do. The answer, to me, is a simple one. Do nothing. The thing […]

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

To be quite honest, I don’t even know where to start with RRSMS other than to say it’s an amazing family. Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is a non-profit publishing company. They are known for putting together anthologies for new and experienced writers alike whose profits go towards charity. They work with people and […]

Violette Marie

So, I’ve came in contact with a new poet and I’m trying to help her get the word out about her poems. They’re beautiful. Anyway, she’s allowing me to share one with you, so here one is :3 The Lonely High in the tower She waits for him To climb over the horizon And claim […]

Creative Day

Today will be consisting of editing, making some promotional posters for an anthology and then writing! Some times it’s hard to stay on top of it all, but we need to learn to take things one day at a time 🙂 Deep breath. Let’s go ❤  

New News

UPDATE UPDATE! Okay, I’m bad with this website thing, but I will make notice to keep going and continue with it. There’s a lot of news though! The Making of a Queen is still a go. I have about 26,000 words for it and I’m still nowhere near being finished, not even half way. There’s […]

The Making of a Queen

So, it has been awhile since I’ve updated anything here and that’s a shame on me moment, but I want to take a moment and share with you the book that I’m working on. The title of new book is The Making of a Queen, and the main character, Kressara, is a force to be […]


No matter what you write, no matter how many things you publish, who you speak to or what you say, I can promise that there will be haters, people who cannot stand one thing about you, but that’s not important. What is important is that you keep reaching for your dreams despite them. There are […]


Many authors listen to music while they write. I do that myself. Something about having background noise while writing calms me, allows me to focus on my writing, but it has to be the right kind of background noise. When I write, when I’m not listening to the background noise of NCIS, Dexter, or the […]

The Dead Speak

The Dead Speak will be available on Monday. It’s the newest novel by Author Brianna Vanderland that twists a lot of your fantasy creatures into one book. Ophelia Moriarty is a servant of the Council, waiting for her turn to serve on the board that makes all the decisions for the different races. As a […]

Authors Against Bullying

Authors Against Bullying is a non-profit organization that puts out Anthologies in order to raise money for charities. The chosen charities of both volumes at the moment is STOMP Out Bullying, a charity that spends time talking to people about the hazardous effects of bullying among other tactics. Their goal, and AAB’s goal, are the […]