Shadow Queen (and mentions)

So I’ve been working really hard on SHADOW QUEEN lately and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out. But here’s a little information about Shadow Queen to start you off with:

My main character, Reyna Creed, has been introduced to the Fae world that she thought were only fairy tales only to be left unimpressed at the start. She can’t tell if it’s real, a dream, or people just going through an elaborate joke.

But when she mentions her mother’s name to the Dark Realm High King, Talin, she notices a small bit of recognition in the name. Granted, Reyna has already shown that she has a little Dark Realm Magic in her system during a small test.

But her mother has a long and complicated past and that’s a part of what will make this book more complicated than the others I have written. Nearly everyone is connected and they don’t even know it. Coming from a world where magic doesn’t exist to a world where she needs to train to fight and train to wield her magic to defeat an old Fae King who wants to drain the magic from other Fae until he’s the last one who has magic. That’s how mortals were created in this book, to begin with – a war between the Old Fae King and the Four Realm High Kings where the Fae King drained the magic from others.

I wanted to mention a few people for helping me though – they have suffered through me running storylines and back scene storylines in our group chat over and over again to the point where I thought I was crazy and needed someone else to tell me that it all made sense. Some of them will even be my alpha readers – people who get to read a very, very rough draft and they give opinions on it.

Here are the mentions I need to give:
Heather Kirchhoff
Kerry Lee Holder
Martina Marie
Ian Dacey

And now, enjoy some teasers that I’ve made for SHADOW QUEEN in images!


Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for reading this and following my journey with this new mini series. It doesn’t have a series title, but I know that there will be at least one more book (NIGHT QUEEN) about another significant character in the first war and there might be another short story about Reyna’s mother. I will have to think about it more to decide.

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