Okay, guys, so there’s a long story here.

So, some author has decided to go ahead and trademark a commonly used word in romance titles and this has gone so far. The word “Cocky” has been Trademarked by Faleena Hopkins and now said author is messaging, emailing, and tweeting all romance authors with the word Cocky in the title to remove said book, retitle it, and put it back up or she will sue. She owns the rights to the word, right? But let’s say we all started going around and trademarking common words like Love, Lust, Seduction, or such. We’ll have very limited words to use for titles, right?

But then it gets worse. Amazon is taking down books as a “action first, ask questions later” and many author’s books with the word “cocky” in the title are being taken down or the threats made by said author are making authors change their titles before being published. I don’t blame them though. The threat of being sued for any money I make off the book is quite a threat, but there are many pushing to get the Trademark cancelled.

Here’s an example of the emails the author is sending out to others:


This is the author who wants others to change their books and titles in a day, but also the author who issued an apology to Marines for her book “Cocky Soldiers”, saying that Marines would never call themselves soldiers but since the book was already on preorder, she couldn’t change it. Check her comparisons HERE.

On top of everything else, things have gone farther. It has been noted that the Trademark that has been issued for the set font (and word in general) seems to have been made with a font purchased on Creative Market, a font in which the creator has noted it cannot be Trademarked or Copyrighted by anyone else, which in itself could invalidate the Trademark Faleena had obtained. Of course, if she did, it would open a lot more problems for her because while obtaining the Trademark, she would have had to sign something claiming she had all rights to everything involved with the title.

Now, again, there are many who are trying to get the Trademark revoked, so we are all hoping. There are some petitions around ( CLICK HERE TO SIGN ) and there are hastags to stay up to date about what is happening ( such as #cockygate #freecocky #byefaleena ).

Don’t forget to support these authors who are having their books forced off of amazon! These authors need your support now more than ever. These are books that have nothing to do with Faleena Hopkins other than they sharing one word, “cocky”, in the title.

Tara’s books have been removed from Amazon for having the word “Cocky” in the title.


Jamila Jasper is defying the Trademark in the best way possible. I love the new title for her book!


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