News, News, News

So. There has been a lot going on that I am still trying to organize and wrap my head around. On top of all that, I’ve finally been reading a lot more. I’ve signed up for Kindle Unlimited and I’ve gone through about 8 books this month, so be sure to expect some new book reviews from me. 

Now, on to my writing. 

I’m still working on the second Ophelia book and The Making of a Queen. I’m pushing through them and making them ready to publish. On the other hand, I am adding another book that I hope to publish, titled The Witch’s Rising! 

This idea was inspired by the story behind Enchantress after I went and saw Suicide Squad, but I’m still rather excited about it. Are you?

For those who don’t know, I still do editing and formatting, a part of what I do for indies and those I am friends with as well. My company – Midnight Dreams – Designs and Editing – will be expanding. I know a few people that will be joining ranks to take on a few more projects and we will be expanding. More cover designs. More editing projects. More formatting. 

New and exciting changes are underway! Are you ready? 

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