Violette Marie

So, I’ve came in contact with a new poet and I’m trying to help her get the word out about her poems. They’re beautiful. Anyway, she’s allowing me to share one with you, so here one is :3

The Lonely

High in the tower She waits for him
To climb over the horizon
And claim her hand.
She’s lost and lonely,
Depressed and scared,
Wondering if
He’ll ever get there.
Spreading her wings,
She wants to take flight,
Wanting nothing more
Than to help with the fight.
But earthbound she was
To her despair
As a curse was placed on her
And her one true heir.
Her one true love
Was all she wanted
But she knew
She was nothing but haunted.
No happy endings
Were within sight
Because he wouldn’t be coming home
Not from this fight.

For more information on Violette Marie, follow her new page:

Violette Marie ❤

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