New News


Okay, I’m bad with this website thing, but I will make notice to keep going and continue with it. There’s a lot of news though!

The Making of a Queen is still a go. I have about 26,000 words for it and I’m still nowhere near being finished, not even half way. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m more than excited for this book. It already has a beautiful cover.

I’m working on two new books that will be for charity! One will be titled “The Diary of a Novelist” and it will be in the point of view of Allison who is trying to write her first novel with big dreams ahead of her. She will be writing about her life, her struggles, dreams, accomplishments, and so much more! In this book, multiple authors are coming together for Rock & Roll Saved My Soul to publish.

On top of everything above, there’s some more news!

Yeah, I know. More news.

Authors Against Bullying is accepting submissions for their FIFTH anthology! The series so far has been a success and we have spread the word about the novels and pushing them out. We just want to keep that going! To submit, see the attached photo!

I cannot wait for what 2016 will bring me or the charity anthologies. There is so much to do and so little time! I believe on top of everything, I will be gathering topics to write advice on and go from there and make a post at least once a week! Now to just gather topics :3

Attached are also other Rock & Roll Saved My Soul anthologies that are accepting submissions!




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