Using Emotions in Writing

So, the past week, there was something that happened that made things a little hard on not only me, but others around me. My step-mother’s father passed away and he was like a grandfather to me. It was hard seeing her, her children, and everyone else that knew him upset over it and trying hard to stay strong. At the funeral, there were many tears for a much loved man.

I will admit that since the funeral, I have been having a LOT of bad days, getting cross with people, having little patience, and even making so many mistakes at work. On top of all of that, I haven’t written nearly as much as I would have liked to. I felt like I was blocked and the words just weren’t flowing as easily as they had been before.

But it’s been more than that and I know what I need to do to move past this mental block that I have put on myself and that’s use my emotions and pour them into my writing – no matter what. I need to get the reader to feel what I am feeling and if I can do that, I consider it the only job that I have as a writer for what are we if not artists that use words? And how can we call ourselves writers if we cannot accomplish the one job that we set out to do.

We need to set out and put our emotions in our writing. If we feel like crying, make the piece sorrowful and give the reader something to cry about! Make them swell up with tears and sniffle. Make them want to burst into laughter until their sides hurt or make them hate another character more than anything else for their actions! SHOW EVERYTHING and using this method will make you a better author in the end. Details are everything to a reader, especially when it means that they feel it too.

I know that I have been bad at posting on this blog lately and I am sorry for that. I could make promises on how I will be better, but lately, I don’t know how it will turn out. I know that I will be posting some book reviews soon and go from there. I’m hoping that I can get some requests in for advice to post on here, but I haven’t as of yet. I will ask around and get a new list of fresh topics to write about and hopefully get back to posting a few posts a week for you guys!

I can only thank you all for being so patient with me!

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