Languish by Brittany McLaughlin

aMiss McLaughlin places a novel n front of us that has the unexpected. It has the struggles of life and then some, but it also shows love. The main issue is when a couple’s daughter goes missing and while it is something that was hard to read all while holding onto the reader’s attention, there were also some mistakes. There were grammar mistakes that caught the eye and there were unnecessary words – such as the author kept putting “the woman” when she could have used “she” and then some things that could have been researched a little bit more.

Overall, due to everything mentioned, I give it FOUR stars. With a(n) (new) editor and more research, I think they book and the author could make it far.



Known. The Clef family was a happy non-conventional unit. Known. Chandra’s past family life was something that left her and her daughter on their own to find a new home. Known. Once her daughter is taken, Chandra takes control and decisions into her own hands. Who took Cressida Clef? Unknown. When Cressida is kidnapped from her school, her parents go mad with grief and desperation to find their daughter. Luckily—as some believe, for the Clef’s—one mother’s celebrity status allows her tight-knit connections to the media. But as Chandra tries to fight off her wife’s social explosion, her no-nonsense attitude quickly turns to rage and fear when she realizes that the kidnapper is closer to her than she first expected. Watching as everything starts to unravel before her eyes, Chandra risks the physical, mental, and social standing that she has to find her only daughter, her lifeline to the world. The lengths that one woman goes to protect her daughter test the bounds of a mother’s love and strength of mind.


Brittany is a full-time student getting her degree in International Studies looking to graduate with her BA in the spring of 2016. She hopes to put her writing heart out in the open for the public to enjoy, and continue her passion for people and creation in the near future. With her International Studies Degree, it brings her abroad for the spring semester, but normally resides in the quiet Appalachian Mountains.
Languish, Her first published novel comes to shelves in January 2015. An idea catching from the questioning how far a family would go to recover a lost child, Languish is a mystery thriller that is sure to captivate and enthrall anyone who opens their hearts to the mourning of Chandra and Aria Clef.
Mother of a plethora of beta fish, an overweight pup, and a rambunctious kitten named Frodo, She has her hands full writing and keeping them busy.

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