Conversing with New People

Okay, so I will admit that I am introverted and the idea of talking to new people and a lot of things in my life changing REALLY and I mean really scares me. The thought of talking to people that I haven’t known for years is something that gets me cringing and I would honestly prefer dealing with spiders (which I am also terrified of).

But sometimes it’s needed.

I’ve been involved with the indie community for three, nearly four years now and there’s a lot that I know and a lot that I could help other people with and at times, making friends is a good thing, but I hate when it comes across as forced because they you are all awkward and stuff.

But breaking out of your shell is a good thing too.


When I started this, I was shy and I was scared to talk to new people.  It after breaking out of that shell and getting to know more people, I’ve found the best friends ever!

3 thoughts on “Conversing with New People

  1. I have to admit, I’m much better at talking to new people online than in person. I don’t know why…

  2. I am honestly the same way. Those online know me better than most of my friends that I know in person. It’s different and that’s for sure ❤

  3. Yeah, I’m a bit introverted too and am a little nervous about talking with and meeting new people too (except online). I’m trying to work on that, though. Thankfully my boyfriend is a huge extrovert and is determined to help me get out more, which is a big help in my trying to “come out of my shell”.

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