Callie C. Colbert

Born and raised in Kansas, Callie C. Colbert developed an obsessive love for writing as a child. That obsession has continued throughout her life, leading her to write poetry, song lyrics, short stories, books, and a novel.

Callie is a published poet and has also sold the rights to some of her song lyrics. She has earned awards for other writing ventures, and has also written for Yahoo Voices. Her song lyrics and poetry are available for purchase.

During an interview, Callie was asked how and why she picked the ‘Christian-paranormal’ genre, as it appears to be an oxymoron. She responded, “I didn’t pick the genre. It picked me.”

She currently has three books available on Amazon: ‘Graze the Night’ (Psychological/paranormal thriller), ‘The Tibuens: Lexie’s Journey, Book I’ (Christian-paranormal), and ‘Threads of Reality: Lexie’s Journey, Book II’ (Christian-paranormal/horror).
All three books will be available in paperback at a later date.

When she isn’t working in home health or writing, Callie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Some of her hobbies include reading, cooking, crafting, and going for long rides in the country. Her favorite movie genres are horror, the paranormal, and psychological thrillers. She also likes to watch anything in the Christian and spiritual realm.

Callie lives by the philosophy “God first, family and friends second, and writing third. Everything else will fall into place.” She adds, “writing is not only a gift, it’s a privilege. If I can touch even one person with my words, then I have done what I set out to do.”



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