Setting a To-Do List

So, sometimes it seems that things are awry and you just don’t know where to begin. For example, today, I had a lot to do and it was all over the place. I needed to call work, call Verizon, format Dance with Darkness, get that book cover finished and so much more. What really helped me today was setting a To Do list. It helped me stay organized. I had a main list and then a more detailed list. Well, here’s how my day went –

First, I needed to call Verizon about something personal to do with our bill (not that you care much about all that) and then I needed to call work to confirm the next day I work and everything like that. After that was taken care of, I began working on my book things!

Well, for me it was pretty simple today, it was just tedious work like formatting a paperback book – making sure the images were perfect that I inserted (see the image below) and then getting an e-book formatted for it and uploading it onto many different sites. I did make a list, only so I wouldn’t lose my head, even though a list for this wasn’t really needed.


Now, while I didn’t necessarily need a list, I still made one, only to keep everything organized. I would highly recommend keeping this in practice for the future for anyone and everyone who has a list of things they need to do for their books! It’s definitely by far the best solution I have tried.

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