Getting Involved

When you’re starting to write your first book, you’re probably very lost. The indie author community is HUGE – literally – containing thousands of authors who self publish and do a lot of things on their own, but that’s nothing to worry about. Most of the authors I have come in contact with are rather friendly and are more than willing to answer any questions you have.

How do you get your foot in the door?

That was my first question when I started writing. I was working on a book that was supposed to be a trilogy – except I have had so many computer issues that it didn’t turn out that way – and you’re at a loss. Well, I hope my blog posts can help you start to find your way, but ultimately, you need to work on getting some people on your friends list that are also involved.

For me, it kind of fell into place. I read a book by Cameo Renae and I happened to stumble across her personal profile, so I friended her. She happened to be so sweet and kind and helpful with answering my questions and those she couldn’t answer, she pointed me in the direction of someone who could help by answering – and those people were more than willing to answer as well.

My friends list grew and even now, I’m at about 1,600 friends and most of them are a part of the indie community. I’m not ashamed of this (and I know that employers will be able to look at that and see it and question why I have so many friends, but I don’t care. I’m happy to have gotten to speak with each and every person on my friends list). Well, everyone on my friends list is special and someone that needed my help or I needed theirs. Either way, they are people that I can count on because they have been where I have been or they are on their way to becoming a success.

Anyway, the thing isn’t just to fill your friends list, but actually create a circle of author friends. For me, it’s simple. My author friends consist of Kate Marie Robbins, Zara Elise Thelms, Isabella Tredway, JE Feldman, Loki Jackson, and a few others that I try to talk to at least every other day (some of them I talk to nonstop because they are so amazing and we just “click”, you know?). When everything seems to be going wrong or my characters won’t talk to me, I can always count not only on their opinion, but for them to distract me if that’s what I need. I hope they know that they can count on me for the same thing!

I view that as getting involved, but not only that. I try to like and participate in as many events for cover reveals and releases as possible, a lot of the times, donating something that is mine (usually a few ebooks) for giveaways to help make their parties a success. Because that is what we’re here for!

In order for the indie community to keep turning, we have to help out with each other. There are many groups on Facebook for you to promote your books and I would also recommend joining quite a few of them. That way, you also get to see every one else’s books (that is, if you’re interested because I know a lot of people that skip over them. I personally try to go through them and see if any are in the genre that I like to read and occasionally find some that I end up loving).

Now, getting involved will all pan out into helping you with marketing techniques. I know that I have a street team consisting of some of my favorite authors and people who love what I write that help me promote my books and help push along my ideas. They are also great for encouragement.



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– Marketing Strategy
– Favorite Authors

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