Creating an Author Page/Blog

When I first started in the indie author community, I had no idea what I was doing. I was lost other than writing – something I knew that I loved. Well, there’s a question that haunts many people that are just starting out.

“I’m not published, but should I create an author page/blog?”

In my opinion – YES!

I made mine long before I was published and it helped me a lot. It helped people find out who I was and what I wrote about before I was published and it helped get people interested. It was also a place that I could use to ask fans questions and get more involved in the community. Even now, I use it to stay in touch with people and to help fellow authors with promotions that they need help with.

Not everyone will agree with this, I know. There are many who believe you should only make one once you publish something, but that’s not what the indie community is about – it’s about supporting each other whether someone is working on writing a book or promoting a published one.

3 thoughts on “Creating an Author Page/Blog

  1. An author page/blog is a huge part to creating your author platform and should be created/started as early as one can. Some suggest an entire year before your first book comes out. 🙂

  2. Mine was created about three months before my first book came out and there were so many people that bashed it and wouldn’t like it because I wasn’t apparently “an author” yet, but I still held on to it. It was good for the publicity and starting to get my name out there.

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