Taking a Break

So, you know those people who pour their life into their writing to the point where that’s about all they think about? Yeah? Well, I’m usually one of them. IF I had friends that lived outside of my little laptop here, they would call me up and be all, “Hey, want to go out and see a movie tonight?” To which my response would be, “Can’t guys. one more chapter to write.”

Yeah, I do that. A lot. As I’m writing it, my boyfriend is over my shoulder talking about how I say that to him a lot. Because it’s the truth. But sometimes you can’t always do everything. Taking a break and taking a step back from everything is a good thing.

So, what did I do today? I spent today with my boyfriend, watching movies and spending time with his parents – very funny people – but besides that. I spent the day away from the computer (okay, compromise – we watched movies on my laptop). But the thing is, I didn’t do any editing and I didn’t… Okay, I wrote 500 words this morning, but does that really count compared to the 2,000 I usually try to type per day?

I feel better and I feel like tomorrow I’ll be up and ready to delve back into my writing and editing (in the morning because I work tomorrow night, but then I have two days off).

That’s getting off track though. The main thing is that you need to take a break whether it be to read a book, watch a movie, spend time with loved ones – it will do you some good! Heed this advice!

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