Pushing Past Exhaustion

So, here it is a little past 2 am and I am exhausted. I did editing this morning and some writing, cleaning the house and then off to work from 4 pm – 12 am. Well, bad day at work – but besides that, once I got home, I immediately jumped into editing again, trying to meet my daily page goal for editing this book for someone I know.

Well, the point of this post is that sometimes to meet your goals, you will have to be exhausted. You will have to put in 12-18 hours days to get everything that you want done accomplished. I’ve been up for a while, but to me – it’s about putting in those hours to get a result. I care about my results, but not just my results, the results of my friends and a many of the hours that I put in are also for them.

When I started being a part of the indie community, I was given one piece of advice that has stuck with me even now – you get what you put in – meaning if you don’t put in the effort yourself, you won’t get anything out of it. If you don’t pour your soul into your book and if you don’t love it – there won’t be many  other people who do. If you don’t work hard at promoting your book and sharing it, not many people will buy it. If you don’t work hard and share other people’s pieces, they won’t do the same for you.

I love the people who I’ve met and yeah, at times, the indie world is cruel in a way, but I love being a part of something that puts a new challenge in front of me each and every day.

2 thoughts on “Pushing Past Exhaustion

  1. I think I have been editing and writing form the past 2 hours. Its 2:30 am and I got about 500 word in (not counting editing). I honestly, don’t know how you or other people can write 10,000+ words a day. I always have writers block, and it sucks. I just want to keep writing but nothing comes to mind. I can’t write during the day, I can only write at night. It’s not that I’m tired that I can’t write, it’s just that nothing comes to mind when I’m writing. I get going for a while and then all of a sudden I am at a road block. It’s frustrating, and sometimes I feel like this whole writer thing isn’t me, no matter how hard I want to write. So props for what you do, even if you are exhausted.

  2. I have edited 50 pages today and I’ve only written about 500 words (I’m being paid for the editing, so I set a goal of trying to do 50 pages a day). It takes a lot of time and discipline. Trust me, when I first started out in the indie community, I couldn’t put all the time into it as I do now, but as I became more involved, I’ve seen that you have to.

    As far as being blocked, I made a blog post – technically yesterday – about writer’s block and some helpful hints to overcome it! WRITE ANYTHING – whether or not you think it matters – but don’t just write when inspiration hits. Train your brain to realize that it has to work whether it wants to or not too ❤

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