Street Teams

Now, throughout everything, I’ve always had those authors who were like me who have stood by my side. Because of them, my street team was started – a group of people who I could share covers, ideas, and even snipets of my upcoming work. Personally, my street team gets free ecopies of my books for a review and I’ll occasionally hold some giveaways for them and try to make things fun. I value their advice and who knows – there’s probably someone in the group who knows something that I don’t.

Well, I made my street team group and I love them to bits. I named them Bree’s Guardian Angels – because that’s what they are to me in my eyes. They are positively, absolutely the best people that I could surround myself while writing.





Now here’s the thing about street teams that I’ve learned – it’s taken me a little time to get this particular group of people together. Street teams need to be private, so you need to have people that you can trust and people that care about supporting your work as much as you support theirs. They need to know that everyone has each other’s backs, but the most important thing is that everything stays in the group.

I had a street team before and well, what happened was that I posted the PDF file of one of my books in the group for them one of the members took the PDF file, saved it on their computer (I know – no big deal since I gave it to them), BUT a few days later, I got an email from a stranger saying that she won my book in a giveaway that was donated by my street team member and that she needed a mobi file and not the PDF file that was sent to her. I was confused. After I confronted the street team member, she admitted that she took my PDF file and donated it and emailed it – all without my permission. I ended up gifting my ebook to the winner via amazon, but I was still rather disappointed in the member that I had trusted.

The thing is to be careful online. No matter what happens, you’re talking to people who sit behind their computer screens and could make empty promises – and I hope that you will be able to tell who the real people are and not have to learn the hard way like I have – and take your help, but offer nothing in return except more favors.

Be kind to your members! They help your sales go up!

Now go, young ones and gather your friends – they will help, I’m sure.


If interested in joining my own personal street team, please click here and fill out this form!

Remember – the street team is somewhere safe and fun for everyone!


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