I’m Drawing a Blank…

So, everyone has those times where they sit down to write and they’re drawing a blank. I know I have them – writer’s block, right?

What is writer’s block?

Writer’s block is defined as something writers and artists fear as it’s a blockage of someone’s creativity, but why do we fear it so much? Why  don’t we just push past it? (For the record, I’m writing this for other people because I have my “writer’s block” moments that I still can’t push past. Maybe you will have better luck than me on this.)


But maybe the reason we can’t overcome it is because we can’t pull it apart or form our words the right way. These are some ideas to get over writer’s block taken from multiple sites (sources in parentheses).

1.) Step away from whatever you’re writing and do anything that’s creative. This includes making a
collage, painting, writing poetry, anything except what you were originally working on.  “The key is to keep exercising the creative part of your brain and eventually you’ll tap back into the flow of writing.” Some people even recommend a blog – much like this one (by the way – wordpress.com and blogger are both FREE to use). (source)

2). Do free-writing. Now, we all know free-writing is sitting at a computer or staring at your piece of paper for about 15-20 minutes, writing whatever comes to your mind. Write about your feelings, something that you see – for me, if I was free-writing right now, I would describe my fireplace, mainly because it’s what is keeping me warm enough to type this right now. After that time, IMMEDIATELY set back to writing what you were originally writing! You can do it! (source)

3). Eliminate distractions. This is the one that I have the most trouble with – only because I hate the silence and while I LOVE the sound of the keys on the keyboard being clicked, it does give me a headache after awhile. What I would suggest is a quiet classical music – or anything that doesn’t have words – I’m guilty of typing what I’m hearing, especially if someone is talking to me. It’s a hassle, really. Then I just get mad at them and myself and it’s not pretty. (source)

4). Read a book. This is something I like to do. Take a break and try to read something that someone else wrote and maybe you can pull some ideas from it – don’t plagiarize, but you can draw inspiration from anything and make it your own. (source)

5). Go for a run. There are multiple sites that suggest this, but let me be the first to say I’m not in the best physical condition to be doing this. A bit ago, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and I still don’t have my breathing up to par, but HEY! If it works for you – GREAT! Take inspiration from the world around you or the music you listen to while you run – if you listen to music!

6). BRAINSTORM. Make bullet points with where you would like your book to go and maybe something will come to you.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of things that you can do to overcome writer’s block. You don’t overcome writer’s block by not writing until you think it’s right or procrastinating. You overcome writer’s block by WRITING!

2 thoughts on “I’m Drawing a Blank…

  1. Thank you for the suggestions, was aware of a few but not all of them. Really enjoyed reading the list and will start using some if not all of these in one point or another when Writer’s Block kicks in again.

    What I do at times is similar to #6. When I am having a hard time finishing the chapter, paragraph, or scene I wrap it up in one or two sentences and move on to the next scene. This helps me remember what I wanted to happen at that time. I then take a break from the chapter and come back to it again and add to the sentences turning it into a finished chapter.

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