Quick Thinking

So, I’ve been working on Goddess Becoming for about two months now and the original plan was to have the main part of the book be a prophecy about the MC overtaking the villain and that would be the villain’s downfall.

BUT after two months, I still haven’t written the damn prophecy. Why? Because it’s become rather difficult for me to write. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading books about prophecies and people who fulfill them, but writing one? I’ve been at a loss.

I think I’ve decided to leave that part out and head for a different angle – I mean, wouldn’t that be best? Personally, I think the best option would be for me to sit and try to write one, but everything I come up with, I toss as it doesn’t quite meet my standards of writing. There are many forums that I’ve looked at to try to help, but still, nothing. I’ve all about given up on the prophecy idea, but it really wouldn’t come to play until the second book any way. My main thing is that I wouldn’t want to mention it in book one for it not to exist by book two.

What do you think?

Should I try to write it or should I leave it out – books with prophecies and people who fulfill them are overused?

Comment with advice, please?

2 thoughts on “Quick Thinking

  1. Everything you said makes sense, why mention a prophecy that won’t be used until Book Two? But how about mentioning it in the last third part of the book or in an epilogue if you are using one? This could work if done correctly. Or if you do decide to hold off on it you could mention it in the prologue or first chapter of Book Two.

    My own trilogy starts with Book One being about a prophecy, Book Two about what happens after that prophecy is in a way averted, and Book Three with a new prophecy being created due to the events that took place in the first two books. 🙂 I know, a mess all in itself.

    This is how I brought up the prophecy theme up: I mentioned it in the prologue since it was one of the main conflicts in the book and then dropped hints and reminders to the reader about such prophecy throughout the book. At the end I once more reminded the reader and where such prophecy stood.

    Hope I was able to help.

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