Now, many authors you come up to will flat out say that they hate editing books and are thankful for their editor and everything, but personally, I LOVE editing. Sadly, I can’t edit my own book and I would highly advise against it. I believe an author is way too close to their book and they know what they meant to write, so it’s nearly impossible to polish it up as much as needed to be ready for publishing.

If you’re looking for an editor, I know a few that might be able to help.

Hearts on Fire Editing
Keene-Eye Editing
Wide Eye Editing
Heather Kirchhoff
Kate’s Ye Olde Booke Cover Shoppe

Click on their names for more information about them and their editing 🙂 All of them have stories under their belt and experience! Good luck!

P.S. I also recommend the last one for book cover needs! She’s amazing 😉

One thought on “Editing

  1. Thank you for the links. I am going to be writing a blog on editing next week and maybe break it up throughout the week so this list is great, more to direct my readers to. 🙂

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