Goddess Becoming Excerpt

To celebrate the release of my new website, I’m here to celebrate by releasing a small excerpt of Goddess Becoming 😉 Hope you like it!

To back track through those years, Adelaide was locked in a tower in Kiro’s castle, punishment for stealing bread from a marketplace to feed her hungry children, but Kiro saw something different in her. He saw beauty as in physical desire rise in him whenever he gazed upon her, which he did so frequently by magic without her knowing. He put an ultimatum before her – marry him or die. She chose marriage in order to keep her children safe, but after the wedding, she had discovered that Kiro had her two beautiful children murdered. Adeline didn’t remember any of it anymore.

The Black Order was a group of people who wanted to protect their Queen from harm, especially harm by their Deity, Kiro, who was rather rough with things, including people. When the Queen came back to her chambers and her personal guard saw how she was injured, he formed The Black Order, with the goal to get her far away. Kiro had searched high and low for her, exhausting all his resources at his disposal, but with no luck. She had been moved to Earth and now imagine Kiro’s anger when he found out that another Deity had married her and had given up his immortality for her.

Kiro was furious. He stood and shoved is chair back, it hitting a tree somewhere in the distance as it flew, shattering.

“You didn’t marry her. You couldn’t have!” Kiro shouted as he shook his head, slamming his hand on the table, making it shiver beneath his force. “She’s mine. My property and I would like her returned to me immediately.”

Taien was taken aback as Kiro told him a lie, a story about how he and Adeline were lovers once upon a time, but Taien didn’t want to believe it. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the feud between Kiro and his so called Adelaide. Adeline was his and that was all there was to it.

“You have no right to her,” Taien spoke quietly, the other deities glanced around, trying to stay out of it all, but Taien knew that they were all thinking the same thing – something to do with shame that one of them was giving up an eternity for a woman, someone who would eventually die before the Deity there.

“You’re a fool,” Kiro spoke again before spitting in Taien’s direction. “You have no right to her.”

“I have no right to her? What about you? How do you have a right to her? She left you, is that not obvious?”

“How dare you,” Kiro lifted his hand and with a beam of light that protruded from his hand, he sent Taien flying back, his back hitting against a thick tree trunk. Taien cried out in a slight pain, but no one except Osoreme came to his defense, helping him up and back to his seat.

“Stop it,” she demanded. “Just stop, please. It was his choice to fall in love with her. And it was her choice to run away too, not that she would remember it here. There’s no need for this violence.”

“Violence? This is more than just violence, this is vengeance. She is mine and you, and everyone, knows that.”

“Kiro, no. Give up this battle, please. For the sake of all of us.”

“Step aside,” Kiro stepped up to Osoreme with orders, but she wasn’t backing down. Instead, he lifted his hand and hit her face, sending Osoreme to fall to the ground, clutching her face. While normal wounds wouldn’t hurt, hits from gods would do damage and did hurt. He then stepped up to Taien and grabbed him by the neck. While Taien was strong, he wasn’t quite strong enough to ward off Kiro. Kiro had a wicked plan in mind. “Give her to me. Tell me her location,” he ordered, but Taien wouldn’t give in. Taien loved Adeline and while Kiro’s knife was slowly sliding across Taien’s neck, Adeline’s face flashed into view. Her hair was perfect and he saw her the way she was on the mountain, her hair blowing in the breeze. He was happy to see her one more time as she stood right outside the door, looking to the sky for him to return. He whispered a goodbye through the air, hoping that it would make it to her.

He watched the woman he had given everything for as a silent tear fell down his cheeks and his breathing slowly came to a halt.

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